Skill Development Programme

When we think of Skill within us is something new to introduced ourselfs. In our country skill development is highly fragmented in different ways. The youth has many advantages of this skill development programme. They learn many skills in different field.

With the present education and skill levels of those already in the labour force being very low, it would be a major challenge for India to reap its demographic advantage. So, there is a need for quick reorganization of the skill development ecosystem and the promotion of which is necessary to suit to the needs of the industry to ensure enhancement of life of the population. India would surely rise to be the Human Resource Capital of the world by appropriately skilling its youth bulge and convert its advantage into a dividend.

Skill development initiatives will help actualize the inert potential, for which development and articulation of a national policy on skill development is already in progress.

As India moves progressively towards becoming a global knowledge economy, it must meet the rising aspirations of its youth. This can be partially achieved through focus on advancement of skills that are relevant to the emerging economic environment. The challenge pertains not only to a huge quantitative expansion in skill training for the youth, but also to the much more important task of raising their quality. With a goal to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of the Indian youth and to enhance their technical expertise, ICT Academy focuses on Youth Skill Development as one of its pillars.

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